Greta Valenti


Her professional creative marketing career started at age 21, while working as a temp at
Taco Bell HQ when then CMO, Greg Creed (now CEO of Yum! Brands), spotted her natural creative abilities and asked her join the marketing team’s think tank. As part of that team, she helped develop nationally recognized marketing stunts such as the World Series Target in Left Field for Free Tacos. As an Art Director, won a W3 Award for her work on the brand's 50th Anniversary campaign.

In 2007, she started Grow Vision and became Taco Bell’s go-to Video Production Company, producing nearly all of Taco Bell’s social media content. Later, took a position at an ad agency, producing award-winning video and design work for clients such as Toyota, Irvine Company, Monster Energy, and Ninebot | Segway

In 2013, she was asked by Daryl Hall (Hall & Oates) to Produce his TV show “Live From Daryl’s House”; facilitating the transition of the syndicated TV/web show into a Full HD Surround series for Viacom/MTV Live. Today, as a Director, Producer and Creative Director for Grow Vision, her work spans from award-winning creative campaigns to visually driven and engaging viral hits.


Robin Davey


Establishing himself as an early adopter of digital video creation, Robin was discovered by Academy Award Winning Director, Kevin McDonald when he and his brother won first place in UK’s British Telecom Short Film Competition. The film made it into the hands of Dave Stewart (The Eurythmics) who signed the brothers to a development deal. From there, he crafted music videos for major labels including Interscope, Warner Brothers and Atlantic.

His debut documentary feature, The Canary Effect, garnered critical acclaim, as well as the “Stanley Kubrick Award for Bold and Innovative Filmmaking” presented to him by Michael Moore at the Traverse City Film Festival.

In 2008, moving to the commercial creative world, he began Directing for Grow Vision. His work Directing and Editing a documentary, about Taco Bell founder Glen Bell, for Taco Bell’s 50 Anniversary earned him a W3 Award. In 2013, after seeing some of his work online, he was asked by Daryl Hall (Hall & Oates) to become the Director of “Live From Daryl’s House”, transforming the show’s look, from a reality show to a beautifully shot mainstay on MTV Live. 


Small Company Speed.
Big Company Creative.

We are a small "boutique" company, because small is lean and adaptable. We can turnaround projects fast, keep our overheads down and accomplish goals within budgets "the big guys" could never touch. Your money goes towards creative, not to administration and agency markups. Today's workforce talent is multi-faceted; they have to be, there is so much competition. Our team is a well-oiled-machine of versatile talent. We scout our talent and are able to work with some of California's best designers, cinematographers, programmers, animators and creative minds because we are flexible with their time and they are whole-heartedly devoted to nurturing every project for our clients. Our corporate and agency backgrounds, combined with our artist sensibilities, gives us a unique insight on how to visually communicate with your audience.