A Different Kind
of Creative Company 

GROW VISION, founded by Greta Valenti in 2007, is a multi-award-winning creative studio, specializing in storytelling and engaging content for symbolic and lifestyle brands. Grow Vision, has grown to develop creative projects for hundreds of clients; ranging from independent artists to Fortune 500 companies.

After working for agencies and corporate brands, Greta Valenti wanted Grow Vision to be different.

"I could see the change in the way brands were hiring and the way talented creatives wanted to work. Millennials and creatives want real work-life balance, with time for creativity in their personal lives. That is why we operate as a creative collective of directors, editors, writers, animators, designers, web developers, programmers, and social media managers; providing creative strategy, brand engagement, art direction, and extensive content creation for clients worldwide." - Greta Valenti, CEO, GROW VISION

Agency Quality
at Freelance Pricing

We are a small "boutique" company, because small is lean and adaptable. We can turnaround projects fast, keep our overheads down and accomplish goals within budgets "the big guys" could never touch. Your money goes towards creative, not to administration and agency markups. Today's workforce talent is multi-faceted; they have to be, there is so much competition. Our team is a well-oiled-machine of versatile talent. Excelling in multiple disciplines, and whole-heartedly devoted to nurturing every project for our clients. Our Directors are also Camera Operators and Editors; our Designers are also Motion Graphics Specialists; And our Programmers are also Musicians. Our corporate and agency backgrounds, combined with our artist sensibilities, gives us a unique insight on how to visually communicate with your audience.

Small Company.
Big Creative.